Top 5 Bags for Canon DSLR Cameras


Top 5 Bags for Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon makes excellent DSLR cameras, but many people overlook the importance of pairing their camera equipment with a good
camera bag. A high-quality camera bag protects expensive camera gear, while making it easier to organize lenses, small tripods, and other accessories. Moreover, it protects expensive equipment while in storage. In addition, owning a good camera bag is important for anyone that cares about keeping their equipment organized while at outdoor locations. Good Canon bags are available at many camera stores or some electronics stores. However, the best selection is online at eBay.

1 Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0

The Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0 is large, carry-on rolling camera bag that meets size regulations for carry-on bags on U.S. domestic flights. It holds a minimum of two professional-size camera bodies, up to six lenses, two or more flashes, and other camera accessories. The main compartment features a built-in combination zipper lock that is TSA-approved. A front cable and lock is useful for securing laptops and other devices, while a rear cable and padlock are great for securing the back to fixed objects like benches. In addition, the semi-hard shell and reinforced dividers protect gear from damage.

2 Canon Deluxe 200EG

The backpack 200eg”>Deluxe Backpack 200EG by Canon is a backpack designed explicitly with photographers in mind. The backpack makes it easy to transport camera equipment thanks to its carry handle, detachable strap, lightweight materials, and padded shoulder straps. The internal compartment is 10 inches wide, 14.75 inches tall, and 5 inches deep. It holds up to two camera bodies, four lenses, and accessories. The tough nylon construction is water repellant and coated in urethane for superior durability. The Canon Deluxe 200EG also has a divider system for easy organization of camera gear, webbing in front for storing a lightweight jacket, and tripod straps.

3 Canon 1EG

The Canon 1EG is a large camera bag designed for professional photographers. It is 14.2 inches wide, 8.7 inches tall, and 8.3 inches deep. Canon designed this bag to store up to 10 camera lenses, two 35 mm SLR camera bodies, film, a flash, accessories, and more. The bag features ample padding, camera and lens dividers, and exterior pockets with padding. It also has sturdy buckles for the main compartments as well as adjustable tripod straps. The Professional Gadget Bag 1EG offers great utility for professional photographers.

4 Canon 100-DG

The Digital Gadget Bag 100-DG by Canon is an excellent camera bag that allows consumers to store other digital devices as well. Canon designed the 100-DG to hold digital SLR cameras, camera lenses, and accessories. It can also hold digital devices like laptop computers, netbooks, tablets, and more. The exterior of the bag is very durable thanks to its water-repellant nylon construction. In addition, internal storage dividers and storage pockets make it simple to organize the bag.

5 Tenba Roadie II

The Tenba Roadie II is a large camera bag designed for professional photographers that demand the highest performance. Tenba uses repellent ballistic nylon and self-healing YKK zippers. In addition, the bag has user-replaceable wheels, built-in laptop protection, an EVA molded interior, and reinforced carry handles. The bag also has a quick-connect tripod carrier, a quick-access exterior pocket, and a four-pocket media wallet. The Roadie II meets standard carry-on size and weight requirements for airlines. It holds laptops up to 17 inches, two camera or video camera bodies, nine lenses, and accessories. The top access panel allows users to breeze through airport security by making it a snap to uncover a laptop. Moreover, the rear pocket features a braided steel security cable to secure the bag to a stationary object.

How To Buy

Many bags on the market can store your Canon DSLR cameras, but the best types offer superior quality and added features. Buying a camera bag on eBay is a great idea because of its incredible selection. Simply go to the search bar located on any eBay page and type in your keywords, such as ”
Canon DSLR bag.”
eBay Stores offers even more choices through sellers who have set up dedicated storefronts. When considering a bag for your Canon DSLR, look at the features that are most important to you. Many of the best bags are water repellent, well padded, easy to organize, store several cameras at once, and stay secure. Those that meet airline carry-on standards work well for travellers but are more expensive. Once you have assessed what you need in a camera bag, you can purchase the right one through eBay to ensure your Canon equipment always stays safe.