Nikon AF-S Nikkor 500mm and 600mm f/4G ED VR lens reviews: legendary performers in the range

So what does all this mean to me and why did I bother writing a post on something we photographers should intuitively know by now? It’s evident that newer lenses produce better photos. It’s obvious but I believe we might sometimes loose just a little perspective with this’better’ scale.Take the vintage 43-86mm lens, recall this is reputed to be the’worst’ Nikon lens ever, this lens is older than many of its owners and to place it into perspective, 1 year earlier this lens came to market audio tapes were devised. That’s crazy, you would expect a lens that’s dubbed as the worst lens and made at a time prior to pocket calculators that it would be like shooting via a classic sock! It just isn’t. Yes it is soft, yes it is blurry at the edges, yes it moves in the highlights but it is still usable and frankly a shot taken with this lens and exhibited from the most common structure of our creation i.e. our telephones, nobody could ever know.Ok thus lets fast forward nearly half a century and compare what Nikon is up to now. The elderly 28-105mm lens that I’ve been using for over ten decades and taken literally tens of thousands of frames without incident, service or repair, how did these pictures compare? Pretty damn good in my view, yes its a’old’ lens but I have taken commercial jobs on it for my whole career. It has images have been in books, magazines, Adshels, posters and nearly every other printed media out there and I have never thought’oh that is a little soft/flat/distorted’. read more