If it comes to bags, we are saturated with choices. But it seems nearly impossible to find a camera bag that is functional and stylish. When you spend so much cash to purchase a camera, you need a bag which will hold it preciously while traveling around, while shooting your pictures downtown, or even when you would like a very simple tote to put your things for daily. Your camera is the most precious thing you will carry around, not only because of it’s cost but since it holds all the memories that you have created.
We found the Article & Goods bag and fell in love. The silhouettes were motivated by fresh architectural lines and simplistic symmetry. The bags themselves are constructed with a high grade soft milled pebble leather with fully lined a cotton fabric. Our offerings include a dove grey and a classic black.
The khaki tote is made to withstand the rigor of weather while carrying your precious items in a stylish matter. It’s a small padded interior with huge inside spacing because it’s size. We found 4 standards for you to look in:

Layout: It needs to operate well for its function and also have at least one little pocket ( this tote includes two ) to set your memory cards, wallet, or batteries.
Looks: It is really easy to find a bag that’s helpful but disappoints you once you walk around with it, but you won’t be disappointed with this one! It comes in either a dove grey or in black
Durability We have tried it for a few walks round and it was hardy. Time will tell if the bag actually withholds more ages and traveling well, so we are excited to try it on for more experiences. If your budget was lower than this, remember the price of the camera that you will put inside.
Want an extra value? You are directly buying from a designer, Sam Chen, that construct all of his things round utility leather goods working with a small number of craftsmen working closely on little batched of posts to give you quality.