Best Carbon Fiber Travel Tripods

When it comes to taking professional quality photos while traveling the use of a tripod can be imperative. Yet carrying an extra piece of equipment on the road can be worrisome if storage space is limited. Luckily there are some excellent travel tripods on the market made from super lightweight, yet durable, carbon fiber that makes it easy to shoot steady without worrying about carrying around a lot of extra weight. Here are some of the
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Best Compact Travel Tripods

A compact tripod that can be carried around in a backpack or
camera bag makes light work of traveling around for photographic shoots. As an essential item in the packing gear of a professional travel photographer, it needs to be lightweight and portable and yet be sturdy enough to hold the weight of any
DSLR camera and its attachments. In general, travel tripods are either of carbon fiber or aluminum construction. While carbon fiber models tend to be lighter and stronger, their aluminum counterpart may just be adequate for most, especially if price is a deciding factor.

Travel tripods are designed to fold to at least 24 inches and should preferably weigh less than 4 pounds. When choosing a suitable model, consider its loading capacity, its maximum height extension, its head and leg features. To get started, check out these models that have been rated as some of the best compact travel tripods by experts in the field.
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Best Photography Tripods

A tripod is a tool used by photographers that has three legs and holds a camera atop it. They can be used to take shots in darkly lit areas to hold the camera steady and prevent blurring; they are also ideal for taking close-up shots, in sports and nature photography, and using a telephoto lens. Tripods not only can hold cameras, they can support camcorders and serve as a light stand. Many photographers find tripods to be an invaluable tool. read more

Best Tripods for Landscape Photography

At first glance, any tripod might do for landscape photography, but those who are serious about their hobby know that choosing a tripod is a little like picking a girlfriend. Not just any tripod will do, and you have to spend some time with it to see if it’s the right one for you. Any tripod, even a cheap one, is preferable to no tripod at all. Find out what the best
tripods for landscape photography are, and vastly improve the images you take.
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Best Gitzo Tripod for Traveling

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