Best Gitzo Tripod for Traveling

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Gitzo creates some of the world’s best tripods in the industry for photographers who find themselves on the go.
Gitzo travel tripods work better than average models do, as they hold up against a great deal of wear and tear. From tossing around in the trunk repeatedly to standing on rough terrain outdoors, the
Gitzo Traveler stares Mother Nature in the face and smirks. You can browse the listings on
eBay to find the Gitzo tripod for you, or you can check out your local photography supply store for accessories.
Gitzo tripods help you to snap great pictures and act as an inseparable partner on each trip you take.

Overview of the Gitzo Traveler Tripod Collection

Within the Gitzo family resides the Traveler collection, as the Gitzo Traveler acts as many tripods in one depending on the different specs included with each one. Even though the Traveler falls under a collection category, the tripod actually customizes itself depending on your unique needs. No matter how you choose to personalize your version of the Gitzo Traveler tripod, each model comes with the patented 180-degree folding mechanism engineered by Gitzo. In comparison with past models, this new feature makes Gitzo Traveler stronger than ever.

Each Gitzo Traveler Tripod also includes the new Carbon eXact feature that provides stiffer tubes so that images appear sharper and crisper.
Carbon eXact tripod tubes come equipped with high-modulus carbon fiber and sport larger tube diameters, which allows for increased stability during photography sessions.

In addition, you can expect your tripod to include the Traveler G-lock feature, which gives you a space-saving leg-lock system. Due to elevated space efficiency, this mechanism supports taller tripods that have compact folded lengths. The structure of the Traveler G-lock ports a new curved external form that offers up great grip for users, while the internal O-ring maintains smoother operation and prevents dirt and grime from entering the lock portals.

All Gitzo Traveler Tripods sport a brand new ball head that fits snugly between the unit’s folded legs for smooth and easy-to-use access. Each Traveler includes a ball head in its kit that features an extremely clear WS2 ball coating and a highly reliable locking component, with the ball head fitting snugly between the tripod’s legs. Every Gitzo Traveler Tripod also comes with a short column used for ground-level photography, as well as space-saving or interchangeable feet for the sake of convenience. Additionally,
tripod shoulder straps come with every model that Gitzo produces.
Best Gitzo Tripod for Traveling


Series 2 Gitzo Traveler Tripod

Series 2 Gitzo Traveler Tripod The Series 2 Gitzo Traveler Tripod sports the biggest tube diameter among the Traveler Tripod collection, so if you require longer lenses or height stability while snapping photos, the Series 2 works well. Another benefit of this tripod is that its feet are interchangeable due to Gitzo’s optional feet design, and options for feet include spikes and larger-than-average tripod feet. This model also boasts a height advantage thanks to Gitzo’s renowned G-lock feature.


Series 1 Gitzo Traveler Tripod

Series 1 Gitzo Traveler Tripod Many photographers enjoy the Series 1 Gitzo Traveler Tripod because of its precise balance between being lightweight when carried and supreme height and durability during a photo shoot. The tripod comes with five sections, offers an ideal height, and features a closed length balance. This Traveler presents as much taller than the ones that came before it due to its impressive Traveler G-lock component that acts as a space saver.


Series 0 Gitzo Traveler Tripod

The Series 0 Gitzo Traveler Tripod is a recent entry to the Traveler family and ranks as the slimmest of Gitzo’s models. Each leg tube sports a superior thin design that makes the series one of the lightest Traveler tripods in production. Due to its Carbon eXact tubes, this model is extremely rigid and durable. In short, the Series 0 Gitzo Traveler Tripod design consists of a 4-section frame with a short closed length and similar extended height.

How to Buy a Gitzo Traveler Tripod on eBay

You can look for
Gitzo Traveler tripods and accessories through the many listings available from
top-rated sellers on
eBay. You can do this in easy fashion by locating the search field on any eBay page and entering keywords like “Gitzo Traveler tripod,” ”
systematic tripod,” or ”
leveling tripod.” When your results appear, browse the listings and choose the one that meets your criteria the best. You should also examine the listing in its entirety, as well as read any
recent feedback left by other buyers. Traveling with photography equipment is much easier when the tripod and other devices hold up well to wear and tear, and Gitzo Traveler tripods have a solid reputation within the photography community due to their outstanding quality for that very purpose.