Circular Polarizer Filter Review

If someone took my circular polarizer filters away, I don’t know what I would do.
I would be completely lost when photographing landscapes.
And in many other indoor and outdoor situations, I would feel very limited.
No other filter will do more to add “pop” to your images.
Getting better image quality by using a circular polarizer filter is so easy that it almost feels like cheating. read more

UV and Clear Lens Protection Filters Review

On a DSLR camera, the primary purpose of a Clear, UV or Skylight filter is to protect the front lens element.
You will seldom see a difference in your image quality caused by using a high quality protective filter, but whether or not to use a protection filter is the big running debate.
Neither side is wrong in this debate, but they have differing opinions – and the freedom of choice. read more

Buying a Protective Filter to Guard Your Camera From Damage

A filter is a lens accessory that protects the front element of the lens and provides artistic benefits and improved photographs. The front of the camera lens is vulnerable to the elements, both natural and manmade. Photographers may drop their lenses, bump them into things, and lose the lens cap. The elements like dirt, dust, pollen, and moisture can wreak havoc on a sensitive glass lens, as well. It is much easier to put a protective filter on the camera lens to avoid problems. However, the protection factor must be weighed against the possible degradation of the photo due to the filter. Photographers should know about the advantages and disadvantages of protective filters, and whether the protection is worth the potential decline in image quality. read more

Camera Filters Buying Guide

Although one of the simplest additions to a camera a person can make, camera filters can be one of the most effective ways to make drastic changes to the resulting photo. Some camera filters serve a dual purpose and can protect a lens while doing said filtering. Others are purely for protecting a lens. Either way, whether they’re primarily camera filters or lens protectors, replacing a lens can be extremely expensive and it’s a good idea to take precautionary measures. read more

What Are Some Uses For Infrared Camera Lens Filters?

Infrared might be the kind of term that implies to many people high technology that is only applicable in the world of special military operations. In actuality, it is a form of photography that can be very artistically pleasing. Moreover, it has a range of practical uses across a variety of professional platforms. Infrared is really quite accessible technology and, in fact, all that is required to use the technology is a lens filter for a photographic or video camera. read more

How to Buy Camera Filters

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4 Must-Have Lens Filters For New Photographers

For the person who has decided to take up photography, it is both an exciting and confusing time. There is the joy of capturing delicious slices of life, and there is the anxiety of getting the photos right with all the buttons, switches, and lenses involved. While a camera can be equipped with a variety of lenses, it can also be fitted with a wide range of lens filters to boot. Beginner photographers should know the four types of lens filters that they should have if they want to take their craft seriously. read more

How to Attach a UV Filter to a Nikon Lens

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Top 10 Camera Lens Polarizing Filters


Top 10 Camera Lens Polarizing Filters

–>Camera lens
polarizing filters are some of the first options that camera buyers look for to accessorize their photographic arsenal. They simply screw on to the threading on all appropriately sized lenses. These filters effectively minimize glare and enhance color saturation, especially when shooting outdoor landscapes. Like many other
camera accessories, there is a wide range of prices and quality. It is important to differentiate between coated lenses and those that provide polarizing throughout the glass lens. Additionally, the frame or ring may be plastic, painted metal, or aluminum. Along with size, these factors contribute to the wide variation in pricing. All sizes and qualities of polarizing filters are available on
eBay. read more